Lagrange and Hermite polynomial interpolation : interp1.asy. See examples (with French comments).

This modules are now included within the official Asymptote distribution.

A very beginning routine to deal with piecewise-constant functions (sum, multiplication and drawing) : escalier2.asy and the result is here.

A solution to highlight Asymptote code with HTML, LaTeX, RTF outputs : Pygments with a very beginning Asymptote lexer. You need to install Python and Pygments. Copy the files and in the pygments/lexer directory. Execute in the pygments/lexer directory "sudo python" (or the similar command with the root privileges). Then pygmentize recognizes asy files or use "pygmentize -l asy". You can see examples here (and SVG output). The lexer is based on the C(++) Pygments lexer. Since a name “can be” a type and a function, the solution is not perfect and can be improved. Pygments uses regular expressions. The file contains all the variable and function names (TODO: Perl/Python script which generates this file). Please send any comment and contribution to improve this lexer so that we can propose it in the Pygments distribution.